A week in the life of Little Lanes…..

So this week we had our ups and downs at home and away from home. Story time at the library was a success on Monday, the first success we’ve had in a couple of weeks of our library visits. This one did not consist of time outs or pulling my hair out while the other mothers stared, some with looks of understanding and some with piercing, judgmental eyes. I was able to hold on to the oldest little Lane just long enough to not interrupt the actual book reading. It is hard to hold steady a 9 month old and a 2.5 year old for two books back to back without dropping one and spanking the other. (Quick side note: I don’t like to spank. It does nothing for my son but teaches him to hit. I’m not saying it doesn’t work for some kids but mine, not so much. Honestly I feel too bad doing it as it is.) Back to the subject at hand…. it can be done, holding the two still long enough to enjoy 2 books about snow! Phew didn’t think I was ever going to get that thought out.

Okay, now on to some fun ideas for the kids and how to fill the days/weeks with the little ones.

Every week I plan a schedule for the following week for my son. Weekly theme, number, letter, crafts, sensory, etc, etc, etc… I’ve done this since he turned one but I soon realized that there’s really not much a one year old can make, craft wise… except for blobs of paint and gobs of messes… but I held strong. This is where I brag a little…. My son knew and recognized every letter by the time he was one and a half years old. By two he could say his alphabet and at two and a half he knows all the sounds the letters make and several words that start with each letter. So it pays to start early and often! Kids all have their different specialties though, he has always loved books and letters while some of his same age friends can throw a ball like a player in the minor leagues (they are only two) or can say sentences like no ones business. Anyways a few things that helped him along with the letters and numbers –

Alphabet Play Mat – Totally worth the ten dollars I paid for it on black Friday. (Yes, I’m also very cheap…. wait the hip term is frugal.)

Yes we get a lot of use out of this! It was and still is a huge help in teaching and playing. These days he likes to build boxes out of them but still educational, these things just won’t quit!


And then there is the alphabet magnet board that I made when Clive was about one and a half.


This took me 3 nap times which was a total of about 7 hours. It involved a letter coloring book, scissors, crayons, glue and a magnetic marker board. We hung it up in his room at his height and would play find the letter and match the magnetic letters to the big letter, match the colors. I mean the things this board is capable of is ridiculous! You don’t even have to be very artistic, which I’m not so this was perfect for me. I will have to make another one for my daughter because this one was torn up but it lasted a little over a year so totally worth it.

This post was originally supposed to be about this weeks activities/crafts but it doesn’t look like that’s where my mind wanted to go in the end, we have activities and DIY projects from over a year ago. You will be happy to know that in a year or so you will find out about this weeks crafts, I guarantee it.

Happy tiny tot teaching.


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