And so 2014 begins….

2014 is finally here and I’m already behind in my goals for the year.

Goal # 1- Have an active and growing relationship with God.

Goal # 2 – Have a daily schedule of activities (arts, crafts, learning, etc….) with my 2 year old and almost 10 month old.

Goal # 3 – Get finances in order, savings account, pay off debt, tithe regularly, etc..

Goal # 4 – Be a better housewife, including but not limited to, cleaning, better cooking, happier and more delightful to be around, etc…

Goal # 5 – Lose the last of the baby weight, 10-15 lbs left over after all is said and done.

Goal # 6 – Start a blog to help fulfill all other goals.

So far I’ve dabbled in #1, I’ve been fairly consistent and victorious in #2 and #4. On the other hand #3 and #5 have been a bit of an after thought. As you are well aware I’m about 16 days behind on Goal # 6 but alas here we are! I do believe that all these things are achievable and possible but at the same time it is hard to start every single one of these goals and be 100% committed to them all at the same time right on day 1/1/2014! What was I thinking? I do believe I was setting myself up for a bit of a failure here. But I’ve learned in this life to be happy with what is and as for what isn’t, start implementing changes where they are needed to find the joy that is missing from that area in your life. So the changes are slowly being implemented! Anyways I hope to blog about everything interesting (at least to me interesting) that happens under our little Lane roof and possible little Lane outings. I’m working on preschool scheduling/activities for my son for next week, along with recipes I plan to try, bible studies I plan to do and budgeting ideas I plan to implement. There will be pictures, paragraphs and explanations of my victories and failures in all of the ventures listed above. Hopefully this blog will be a little fun, a little educational and a little bit of rock n’ roll. As we all know already it is sure to be corny!


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