Indoor Snowman

This year has started off with a lot of snow and extremely cold weather soooo…. what to do with the kids that will keep them happy and  keep the begging to play outside in the freezing snow to a minimum? Well, one thing that came to mind was building an indoor snowman. We use a lot of contact paper for activities in this house, it’s easy for the 2 year olds when it comes to crafts. Here’s a few pictures and a few must have’s for this project.



Materials :

Contact Paper


Construction Paper

Cotton Balls


Felt – for eyes, mouth, nose and hat – could use anything you have on hand though

You can either lay the sticky side of the contact paper facing up on the floor or put it on the door facing out. We found it easier to go ahead and start on the door. We just used regular scotch tape to hang on the door during the building part. After your little one is done decorating Mr. Snowman you just turn the contact paper around and stick the sticky side to the door so your creation can hang up for the rest of winter. You want to make sure you leave the contact paper big enough around the snowman so that it will stick. This project was so much fun and C usually doesn’t last long with crafts these days but he absolutely loved this and finished every last bit of it himself. In the second picture he has a glue stick, this is not needed at all but he insists on having a glue stick in his hand if there is construction paper involved! So enjoy and happy snowman building!:)


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