Time to Shape Up!

I have a lot of goals set in place for 2014 and one of those goals is to lose these last few pounds from the newest baby Lane. Really my goal is to have a healthier heart in general. If I had a picture taken of my heart right now I’m pretty sure it would be faded and enlarged. So in exactly 13 weeks my daughter will turn 1 year old and my son 3 years old. I know what you are thinking, I did not plan well when trying to conceive my daughter. Her birthday falls a day after my sons. I was a month off in my math:(. Anyways this mama needs to lose those last lingering 10-15 unwanted pounds. I would like to do this by the time she turns 1. So, what can be done in 13 weeks….? Here’s what I’m thinking~ I have a slew of different videos in my possession including P90x, The Firm and Tae Bo so I think I’m gonna combine all these amazing workouts and bust my butt for the next 3 months!

To all you women/mommies out there who are struggling to lose those last few pounds and you tend to make a habit of raiding the cabinets when you have a free moment like me then I’m here to tell you, I know exactly what you are going through. YOU ARE NOT ALONE! I know how hard it is to feel comfortable with that post baby body or just your body in general. I will never be the type to get rid of breads or completely stop eating sugar. We only live once ladies and I’m going to enjoy it! Growing up in a family that has desert right after dinner and then again a couple of hours later, I’m pretty much genetically destined to stuff my face from time to time. But I can be more contentious of what goes in my body. That is what I plan to do, hopefully indefinitely even after these 3 months end. So today I start! I’ve already taken those dreaded before pics and I may post them at the end of the 3 months just as long as I succeed. If I don’t succeed I may just have to burn them out of shame, so lets hope for success. I plan to check in every week on my progress and hopefully this will hold me accountable for getting this heart in shape! Here’s hoping.

We start with a little Cardio x  P90X ~ Wish me luck!

Happy healthy living!:)


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