Waste Not, Want Not

Being a stay at home mom is wonderful and I absolutely love it most of the time. I love being able to hang out with my kids everyday and have fun and watch them learn and grow and explore. I will say though that day after day after day of coming up with activities and stuff to do can not only become tricky but also expensive so as a one income family I have to improvise a lot of the time. Here’s just a couple of ideas that are practically free and super fun for the kiddos.

Mr. Robot –  He consists of a box that we had in the garage, not sure where it came from but I recycled it. Some foil, glue stick, stickers and a few odds and ends. It’s not the prettiest robot in the world but C loved it with his whole heart for about a week!

7 6

We plan to make an entire orchestra this year with all the play instruments we are going to make. This last week we made maracas. We used coffee creamer containers filled with beans, rice, bells, glitter, and fuzzy sticks. Topped off with some decorative stickers of C’s choosing. It was a lot of fun and even Sis gets to play with this toy!


These were on hand already and the possibilities are endless for what you can use to fill your little ones maracas or decorate it with. I save pretty much every container, at least for awhile, before throwing it out. You never know when stuff like this is going to come in handy.

Happy Recycling!


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