Wrapping Up Winter

This has been our last week of winter in the Lane house. We have done everything you can think to appreciate this season and now we are done. I no longer want to think about snow or research every material under the sun that is safe for children and has the characteristics of snow.

One more time – Winter is over for the Lanes!

Lets hope that it doesn’t linger too much longer outside. This week was packed with art and sensory activities based on this chilly season. I was going to wait until tomorrow to post but I’ve somehow got sucked into judging a high school speech and debate tournament for several hours tomorrow (which I’m actually very excited about) so going to go ahead and wrap up the week tonight.

Lets see what these kiddos were up to in this last week of January.

First off they did some paper plate snowmen. They did an amazing job as you will see.

Materials needed: 2 paper plates, craft glue, paint brush, pom poms, scrap paper, yarn, stickers, glitter…. anything that you have on hand.





They rocked those snowmen! Clive’s is hanging on one of our cabinet doors. Love love love! I found the idea on this amazing blog http://www.teaching2and3yearolds.com/

This next one is my favorite of the week. I don’t think it was his favorite but that’s okay we still had fun with it. It’s our number snowman. I love this idea and will probably try to do it more with numbers, shapes and letters.

Materials needed: white construction paper, markers, glue stick, colored construction paper, googly eyes or pom poms





He actually got more interested in it once it was hanging on the wall so I think next time we will start there and I will let him stick the numbers to the wall instead of lay them on the floor. I also put the numbers in a color pattern with blue and red. We’ve really been trying to learn about patterns lately. He’s catching on pretty quick but still kinda tricky. Darn patterns. 😉

On to a couple sensory activities. This next one I only have one picture because some of the ice got on my camera lens and it stopped working for about 2 hours. Lets just say I had a little melt down. We did an ice sensory bin. The picture is pretty much self-explanatory.

Shaved ice with some food coloring, I put some larger pieces of ice in there after this picture was taken. Both of the kids loved this for about 10 minutes and then they started to shiver.


Since I’m cutting this week a bit short I don’t have pictures of our last sensory project that’s scheduled for tomorrow. So I’m going to post a few pics from about a year and a half ago of the same project. My son is quite a bit younger but it’s still the same idea. We are going to use blue jello tomorrow with some cookie cutters and some snowflakes inside and whatever else I can find around the house that fits the subject. Here’s a few adorable pics of my little guy playing in his first vat of jello.




So there you have it, our week in a blog post. I had so much fun this month but I’m equally excited about moving on to Feb. We’ve got a ton of Valentines projects planned and I can’t wait to get started. We are even having a toddler/baby party the day before V-Day. I’m sure you will get to read all about it!

Happy tiny tot teaching!


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