Even I Can Potty Train

Do you need to go potty? That’s the question that I asked about a thousand times last week and will most likely continue to ask for the next several months. I was not expecting to wake up last Monday morning and start the rigorous potty training process that I’ve read so much about. I think it went something like this: I changed my almost 3 year olds morning diaper and all the sudden the words that came out of my mouth shocked both him and me. “Lets say bye-bye to diapers today.” What? Bite my tongue. But it was out and there was no turning back. C actually said bye-bye to his diapers, waved and then gave them to sissy. That was that, the process had begun.

Now I’ve tried potty training a couple of times before with C and it was horrible. Everything I’d read said it took 3 days, but in those 3 days you couldn’t take your eyes off your child. Some said to put a baby gate up so that your little one is only on the hard floors(kitchen, dining room) in the house and to only play in that area for 3 days. Doing this will make it easier to keep an eye on them and no messes on the carpet. Also a big one was to make a chart with stickers and to take your child every 15-20 minutes. If they went they got a sticker. Ok so those are just a few tips to potty train that I’ve come across and after trying those and failing twice I threw it all out the window. While those may work for some kids they did not work for us and my “do it my own way” toddler.

Here are a few reasons those did not work for us.

First, I also have a 9 month old so the constantly watching and doing nothing else for 3 days but going potty was out of the question!
Second, after about two hours of taking C to the bathroom every 15 minutes he was done, he had no desire to pee on the potty and even went so far as to pee as soon as he was off the potty, I think just to show me that he wasn’t gonna take this abuse anymore.
Third, if I locked my son in the area of the house that only had hardwood he would go absolutely crazy and the entire Lane house would know about it.

So what worked for us…

Saying bye-bye really helped him to know that diapers would be no more. He called nana and papa and daddy at work and got to tell them that he said bye to diapers, I’m pretty sure he loved this, it was a huge deal to him! He wore big boy underwear all day and no pants so that the one eye that I tried to keep on him at all times would notice any trickles of the undesired. I constantly asked if he was dry and if he needed to go potty. He would say no every time but I would try to take him every 1-2 hours that first day. Lets just say that the undesired trickles still came and not on the potty. But by the end of the day and about 8 changes into new underwear he started to go on the potty. We gave him a chip every time he went on the potty (you could say chips our a rare delicacy in our house) and that was only for the first 2 days. After that no more chip incentive. During nap he wore underwear too and didn’t even have an accident but at night we started off with underwear and it was horrible, he couldn’t sleep because he kept peeing a little so right now he wears pull-ups to bed at night. Still NO DIAPERS! By Friday he didn’t have one accident and we even went to story time at the library in his big boy underwear. Yesterday at church I think I was most nervous. I kept glancing at my phone waiting for that dreaded text from his Sunday school class saying he’d had an accident. To my surprise no text and when I went to pick him up the teacher told me he let her take him potty! So today it’s been exactly a week and no accidents in a few days! He’s even been telling me when he needs to go potty. So to this I say….


Yes, I’m wooting!

As a mother you want your child to succeed and not feel failure or sadness or disappointment and while I know this isn’t something I can prevent all the time now and definitely not in the future, I really wanted him to have confidence while potty training. I’ve been so nervous about this because the first two attempts were awful but me putting a little more trust in him and saying farewell to diapers for good gave him the confidence and excitement he needed to get the job done! So the moral of the story is, if I can potty train then anyone can potty train!

Happy Training!!


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