An Unexpected Break

I have not forgotten the blogging world, it may seem like I have forgotten but I haven’t. I took a break that was not meant to be taken but was much needed. A few days after my last post about potty training my husband came home to tell me that he had lost his job that day and as a stay at home mom the world around me crumbled just a bit. I made him go into our room because he was upset and my then 2 year old already had a look of panic on his face. So off to the bedroom we went where he preceded to tell me what happened. While I won’t go into details I was not at all upset with my husband. I did not blame him nor did he need to be blamed but I will say that I was shocked and worried and although I stayed strong for him because that is what a spouse is supposed to do, stay strong and let the other lose it for a second, as soon as that was over I jumped in the shower and cried for about 30 minutes and then I was done. I was done getting upset and while I knew the worry wouldn’t always stay dormant I also had a peace that everything would be ok. Luckily we actually had a savings which hardly ever happens but somehow there was actually money in that savings account and for three months we lived off that while he looked for a job and guess what, the same month we were going to be out of money and have to sell an already paid off truck he got a job. A job that doesn’t pay as well but he loves and will be able to move up and around the company. A job that was our saving grace! Those three months were scary with two children under 2 and trying to live on no income but we did it and we are both still sane and I credit that all to God. I had faith, we had faith and after that first shock we sucked it up and did our best and tried to stay as faithful as possible besides the occasional snap at each other or brief frustration God got us through it! I can’t possibly give credit to anyone else especially myself because if I didn’t have him then I would have been a wreck the entire time but low and behold here we are, in one piece and happier for it! So the reason for the break from blogging…. well I don’t know. At first I was ashamed to tell anyone, even a blank screen that we were unemployed and then something more happened. I finished writing a novel about 5 years ago. It took me about 3 years to write because well, it was my first novel and I started as a teen and well, I’ll let you figure out the rest. Anyways I began reading it again. I started rewriting as I saw fit and I fell in love with writing all over again. Now I’m not claiming to be a good writer. The book may actually suck…. but I’m not giving up on it. So my husband got a job and I picked my passion back up off the table and discovered it all over again. I think this last 4 months have been amazing! My family is healthy, we are all happy, we have each other and no amount of money or lack there of will change that. This is my last year of my 20’s and my goal is to rock it’s socks off!

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