The Body Book – Lane Recommended!

Just got done reading The Body Book by Cameron Diaz and while I’ve never actually reviewed anything in my life and I may be a couple years behind on this book which is usually how it seems to go for me, I’m still having a hard time keeping my mouth shut about this book! In short I really really enjoyed it. If that’s enough for you then read no further but if not you may stick with me here because I’m gonna explain why….

I read reviews on this book before ordering it – some good, some not so good. Some said that it reminded them of a basic health class teaching while others raved about it. I’m gonna go ahead and rave about it but I will admit some of the chapters did give me a small health class vibe but I didn’t think that was such a terrible thing. The reasons I enjoyed this book, here you go.

-It’s not “a get fixed quick” kind of book(which was actually my favorite thing about it)
-She was very knowledgeable on all things health and how your body (inside) actually reacts to what you do to it.
-There are lists and suggestions for foods to eat and not eat but no actual hardcore diet that is recommended (thankfully)
-It asks you to look at your body and love it and by loving it you in turn put good and healthy things in it and treat it with respect.
-Last but not least its a lot of basic health knowledge that you may have learned in school but how many of us actually retained that stuff and thought about it much after? I know I didn’t.

There are many aspects about this book that I love and I think its definitely worth reading. Since reading it I have thought not only about what I’m putting into my body but how much my body is actually moving throughout the day and things that I can do to improve my overall health and happiness. I’m stronger because it doesn’t just touch on movement and eating healthy its dives into them deep and constantly reminds me to move!

If you are looking for a quick read and quick fix this probably wouldn’t be your first pick. I didn’t rush through this book because I wanted to grow with it as I read it and I was able to do that. I’m now able to say that I love my body as it is but I also can’t wait to get my booty in motion! I love it because its not a diet and occasionally I’ll have a desert or a cheeseburger and I enjoy it and then deal with whatever pain that comes after but I don’t allow that indulgence to make me “start over” or quit all together or wonder what would Cameron think of me? So if you are looking to get in shape, stay in shape or just be more comfortable in your own skin I recommend The Body Book!

Here’s to loving yourself more!


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