These Beautiful Stages of This Crazy Life

I believe that the last time I wrote in was about 9 months ago. 9 months ago and honestly I don’t know what made me stop but I’m kind of hit or miss with this whole blog thing. Although I must say that when I am writing in some way, whether it be this blog or trying to finish “the great american novel” I feel a large fist slowly letting go of my soul. Okay maybe that’s a little overboard, a little too profound but there is this release that comes with writing, putting it all down, choosing the most creative or original way to say something and having it mean something to not only the writer but to at least one other person reading it. So to come to a quick and not so eloquent way to get it out there, well here it goes… Ummm guys, I really really like to write. There you have it, my truth.

Now to get on with the last 9 months, now this could have something to do with why the posts stopped but I found out I was pregnant with baby L # three and while the last 9 months have been wonderful and lovely I’m happy to announce that he has arrived healthy and beautiful. Now to get my mind out of pregnancy mode and new mommy mode (which I don’t think will ever be possible again) I’m trying to expand my horizons from babies, babies, babies to babies, writing, and more babies. I still haven’t mastered my first goal, which is getting out of the house with 3 children ages 4 and under all by myself. The thought terrifies me! Another thing I would like to master is getting this pregnancy weight off. It’s been 6 weeks and I’ve been enjoying this last baby instead of worrying about what I look like. With my first two children I lost it pretty quick but with this one, for some reason, it’s not something I have really been bothering with yet. Now that my 6 weeks have come and gone I’m starting to get an inkling to get back down to what I was when I married my husband. I’m down 30 lbs so far from baby # 3 and have about 25 to go to get back to that  married weight. Sadly I tend to gain about 50-60 pounds with every pregnancy but I’ve always been able to lose it. Now that I’m in my 30’s I’m a little more nervous about the rate in which the pounds will drop. Because 30 is so old right?

Another thing that has happened just within the last couple months is my husband began a new job in the IT field which is such a huge blessing for our family and something we needed to happen especially with our family of 5 now. He’s loving every second of it and I couldn’t be prouder of him. It’s a wonderful feeling to know that your spouse is happy not only at home with their family but happy with what they do for a living. A light turns on in them and it’s just nice to see, it’s nice to know that they are doing something that makes them happy and not just a job to get by. Not that there is anything wrong with that, he has had to do that pretty much since we got married and before and it’s something that I think is even more commendable and is most common. To be passionate about what you do for a living seems to be a rare thing these days.

So the last nine months in a nutshell… Hopefully I will post my progress as I lose this weight from our very last baby. It would be nice to be held accountable by something even if it’s just my own chattering on this blog.

Here’s to happy and consistent blogging….


2 thoughts on “These Beautiful Stages of This Crazy Life”

  1. Welcome back, mama! I applaud you for taking time out of blogging to prioritize your family and do what’s best for your sanity! I am happy I found your blog and look forward to reading more! Congratulations on all the huge new changes in your family’s life!!!

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