Learning to DIY

I’ve never been one of those people that can look at a piece of junk and see a rainbow. I wish I could and I was hoping as I aged a bit that I would develop this gift but, as of right now, I still see junk as junk. My mom however sees the potential in what I think a lot of people would throw out or keep marking way down until they slap a FREE sign on it at a garage sale. I guess the apple fell no where near the tree (grrr) which is a huge bummer! Luckily my mother loves me enough to still treat me like I’m turning 13 and need a room makeover to celebrate. For example….

I’ve been wanting a hutch to go in my house but not just any hutch, it is destined to be my HOMESCHOOL HUTCH. I’ve been going to flea markets because one of my friends was blessed with a keen eye as well and keeps making me envious of all her, close to free, finds at flea markets so I began my hunt. I found a few that I liked but knew that they would need a total makeover (eww) and most of the ones at flea markets were over $100! So I complained to my mother who is, to put it kindly, a crazy vintage chic! She has her own etsy store for vintage stuff that she finds at garage sales for hardly nothing and then marks up about 250% and this stuff actually sells! She is extremely particular, an extreme perfectionist and like I said before she sees a rainbow where there was once crap! Sorry I said the c word, my kids would be make gasping noises right now if they could read! Anyways…


And guess what, not a week later my mom sends me a picture of this horrible looking little cabinet/hutch and asks if I want it…here is a picture for you viewing pleasure.


This picture doesn’t even do this monstrosity justice. The bottom was pretty much falling off, there was a hole in the back of it, warped bubbles all around it and they were selling it for $5. They were robbing my mom blind is what I thought when I saw the text. I texted “sure” in a not so sure kind of way and she bought the thing! Now I’ve seen my mom restore some royally messed up stuff but for some reason I just couldn’t see how she was gonna do it. Must be that apple falling way way way too far from the tree thing. A few days passed and I was getting antsy for some results. Then a week and then about 2 before she was done.

Sadly I can’t really tell you how she did it but I will say that the final results have made me want to get hit on the head with my mamas crazy eye apple! This post is proof that I am making a vow and for the next thing that needs doing that is a diy project, I will do it all on my own! If I can furnish my house with 5 dollar furniture from garage sales and make it look like she did I think “they” just might put a story about my rockin’ house in Home and Garden. Okay so without further delay here is the finished product….



5 dollars folks. She used primer and paint that she had on hand so would probably be a bit more if starting with absolutely nothing. 5 dollars! I will take it. I’m also taking my new desire to restore things and hopefully making it a reality when the next opportunity arises. We are spending the next year getting our house ready to sell so I’m pretty sure I will have plenty of chances to diy my way to our next home!

Here’s to seeing a whole lot of rainbows!

6 thoughts on “Learning to DIY”

  1. It looks beautiful! I think I can see the potential of things, but I’m not good with my hands in that way (with furniture stuff). I do enjoy learning how to do some things though! I’m glad you got such a nice hutch to go in your house!

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