Fast Food Free for a Year


From the title you probably have 2 guesses at where I’m going with this post.

1st – That this is a post on how to get fast food for free for an entire year! (I would probably have guessed this one just because it sounds like more fun!)


2nd – That we are taking a year off from eating fast food.

If you guessed the 2nd then you are correct, you win nothing.

Okay so, we live in a fast food nation and I would really like to break the cycle for my family. I’ve been saying this for a few years and haven’t done a thing about it. I’m definitely a part of the problem. My family has sort of turned into a drive-thru family. We haven’t always been like this but in the past year, as my oldest has gotten more things on his to do list than before such as, sports, a couple of half days a week of school and home school which involves a lot of field trips because that’s how we roll, we are on the road quite a bit more. I can’t just blame my 4 year olds social life… my husband is to blame as well. He plays worship for all three services at church every other month so 50% of the time we don’t get out til close to 1 so what do we do… drive through a fast food chain, grab a bag of greasy but oddly okay tasting food to eat and run home for nap time. It has been a slow and steady incline that has made it almost unnoticeable until I do the budget and see how much those few quick trips a week adds up to or until I started noticing that my kids were expecting to go somewhere to eat rather than eat at home a lot more. I wasn’t going to add this in but that is a total fail on my part. I’m in charge of the budget and I’m in charge of what my family puts into their bodies and as of right now I’m taking the easy way out just a little bit. Now I’m not trying to make anyone else feel bad, I’m just putting this out there because honestly it will hold me accountable. I’m a big goal setter and not always such a great goal completer but I find when I write something down or put it out there like this then I can usually follow through. So I talked to my husband and me and the kids shook on it, no more fast food for an entire year. This is what my son said as soon as we shook on it, “See you next time at McDonald’s.” I’m thinking he may not know quite how long a year takes at this point. Hahaha. Okay so no fast food for a year pros and cons list.

Pros – Save Money(trying to become debt free, less burgers = less debt, Eating Healthier, Helping out with that 10 months I gave myself to lose the baby weight, Educate my children by doing(priceless)

Cons – Have to prepare to go meals more often, whiny kids for the first few months(at least)

I am worried about making the time to get things made to take with us. While I love the idea of cutting out fast food I don’t want to just switch that out for having something disgusting and processed in my bag at all times for the kids to eat. I’m thinking packing fruit that won’t go too bad too quickly in the heat, pb&j’s, and that’s about as far as I’ve gotten. So hoping I will have some updates after a month or so on the savings we have made, on the kids (their moods, their attitudes, etc) and if I’m pulling my hair out or not. This is “edge of your seat” kind of stuff we are talking about so stay tuned!

Here’s to a fast food free year!

Disclaimer: By fast-food, I’m thinking anything that has a drive through window! I’m not saying we are never going to eat out again either but we will definitely make better choices and make these times special sit down occasions in a restaurant that is slow not fast!


16 thoughts on “Fast Food Free for a Year”

    1. Thanks! Oh I know, on every corner. We live in a smaller town so have a few family owned options available but when my kids see the huge McDonald’s and Taco Bell signs that’s usually where we end up. That’s where they get ya!

  1. If you have or can get an ice chest/small insulated bag(s) and some ice packs, your options would be wide open. That’s what I’d do if I were you. I just wanted to say I find it really admirable that you’re doing this and wish you the best of luck with it!

  2. Reblogged this on Dream Big, Dream Often and commented:
    Now this is a worthy personal challenge! I know people that eat so much fast food it just makes me sick to think about it. How much fast food do you allow your kids to eat? What poor eating habits are you teaching a little one that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives?
    (please leave comments with the original writer. After all, I only hit a share button, they actually wrote the post)

    1. Thank you! We’ve been going strong since this post. The only time my kids have eaten it was when they were with their aunt and guess what, my daughter puked up the fries in the middle of the night which pretty much proved my point. Haha. Thanks for the reblog!:)

      1. I look forward to following the process. Fast food is an evil that should be outlawed or at minimum considered false advertising it as “food!” lol

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