My 3 Minute Shower


I have become a master of the 3 minute shower. My shower time is cut in half with each child I have. I used to be a long shower taker, I would shampoo and scrub, lather and rinse and maybe lather again. I would condition and repeat. I would RELAX. Then my first little one came and my 30 minute shower dropped down to a 15 minute shower. He would sit nicely in his bouncer right in the doorway while I showered so I wouldn’t have to be away from this precious angel for long or I would wait until he napped and would jump in for a semi leisurely soak in the warm and RELAXING shower. My 2nd little one arrived and boy was I in awe. I cuddled and snuggled and frothed with delight but again my shower time dropped to about 8 minutes. The lathering never really lathered, the conditioning never repeated and the relaxing was short lived. My oldest was running around by then so I would usually wait until he napped and the little one was asleep. Yes I think 8 minutes sounds about right. Boy were those the days. Now my third little one is here and 4 months in I am basking in every moment. I am in full baby and kid mode at all times and my shower now takes approximately 3 minutes unless I want to get up at about 5 am (which will never happen) there is always a little one running, or screaming, or banging on something while I shower. There is usually a minimum of 2 visits from these little guys while I’m showering. They tend to come running in and peek their little heads in while begging for a snack or the crayons and as we all know, snacks and crayons can’t wait even 3 minutes to be had. In these 3 minutes I have time to get wet, shampoo quickly, condition for 30 seconds and barely get a lather on my lufa before the rinse begins, there is no repeat of anything and definitely no relaxing. The shower is usually off at minute 3 and I’m listening to make sure there has been no tragedies develop in the 3 minute gap that my kids were able to behave any way they wished. I imagine wild monkeys ricocheting off each other in my living room when I’m in the shower. There have been several times I’ve had to jump out of the shower because a bang sounded much too loud for there not to be an injury involved but luckily it has never resulted in that.

Honestly I’m pretty impressed with my 3 minute showers and I tend to scoff at my husband when his own showers edge on the brink of a full 30 minutes. He’s a really really long shower taker. He dawdles, lots of dawdling. I don’t think I could ever go back to that long of a shower even if I wanted to. It’s a sad fact but one that hasn’t left me too heartbroken.

I like to end my crazy mommy rants with a positive spin that will put everything into perspective. I will wrap this up with something I always tell my husband when the house is too messy or the cupboards are almost bare or in this case my short shower which barely has the chance to get me clean. I say “One day our house will be too clean for our own comfort and there will be no little ones to play with anymore and our cupboards will be full because our house will be empty and one day my showers will be as long as I want them to be because no one will need me as much as they do right now.” Now that’s perspective! This season of life is one that is going to be messy and rushed. It will cause chaos and there will surely be tears involved but our lives will be the better for it, our hearts will burst with more joy and love than can even be fathomed. This season will leave us wanting. So I will accept the 3 minute showers for as long as they will allow!


18 thoughts on “My 3 Minute Shower”

  1. As always, so well said! I do love the chaos with my nephews and even with all that, really look forward to having my own and their chaos as well. Who needs long showers when you’re gifted with beautiful babies to love… and pull your hair out for? lol

  2. Soo true! My baby boy is 8 months now, and until 3 months ago I would just lay him on his pillow in front of the shower. Since he can crawl and move around, the nice long relaxing showers are over! Now we take showers together and thats even more fun! Our husbands are just really lucky!

  3. When my three were young, it wasn’t so much the shower/bath that was an issue…it was always having an audience when I had to pee! But you’re wise enough to appreciate this time with your kids — it ends too quickly.

  4. With each kid, personal time gets shorter, time it take to everything else gets longs. Totally worth it though:)

  5. This morning I let my 14 month old play in the bathroom while I showered and he ended up in there with me – in his pjs and diaper and all! I just went with it, he thought it was fun. But so definitely not relaxing!

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