Dressed for Jazz


About 2 weeks ago I fell in love with something I never expected to fall in love with. I went to a fitness club that a couple of my friends belong to in attempt to keep on track with my 10 (only 6 left) month plan to get back to my pre baby weight. The class that I attended made me sweat, it made me sore and it made me smile the rest of the day! I came home still jumping around, I mean my endorphins were at an all time high. Now this is the part where I tell you the name of the club and this is the part that I feel a little embarrassed. I don’t really know why, it just reminds me of the 80’s which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I mean I love The Breakfast Club and St. Elmo’s Fire and Pretty in Pink. Okay here it goes, I’m in love with….


Yep, it still exists and it’s better than ever. You aren’t just dancing the entire time you are also doing kick boxing, strength training, pilates, yoga and interval training during classes. The month of October is free at the clubs in my area so I’ve been able to try multiple classes and fall in love. They offer child care so I am able to do a few day classes a week and a couple night classes too. I didn’t think I would have the time to do it but when you find something that you love and that you feel working to make you both stronger and healthier then the excuses start to fall away and you begin to prioritize your health into your life. At least that’s what I’ve done. Since I am down to 6 months until the end of my 10 month pre baby weight goal I needed to find something that I would actually keep up with and something that wasn’t a workout at home because sadly whenever I have time to do an exercise video I tend to choose to do something else like chores or kids stuff or cooking or those 3 minutes showers I love so much. So now I go somewhere and guess what, I have to do it because there are 20 other women in that big room motivating each other. It’s amazing. So amazing that I’m joining on Wednesday.

Now after a weekish of trying Jazzercise I decided to invest in some workout pants. I really wanted the galaxy tights that were super cool but they didn’t have my size so went with another print that is still rockin’! I have conformed to Jazzercise wear and I’m loving every second of it! So excited about the next 6 months of trying to get my before baby body back. I think it’s going to be tubular dude!

Happy Exercising!


5 thoughts on “Dressed for Jazz”

  1. When you find something that works with exercise… definitely run with it! That sounds like a great class and awesome about the childcare too! Those pants are really nice and fun too! 🙂

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