It’s a Bird. It’s a Plane. It’s That Time Again



Halloween is fast approaching and while I enjoy every single thing my children do (psych!) I actually really love Halloween and all the stuff that goes with it. Every year we go to Rutledge Wilson Farm and let the kids pick out their special pumpkin. My oldest has never actually helped me clean one out though. He’s my kid that doesn’t like to get his fingers dirty. There’s one in every family right? Then my daughter came along and she is all over those pumpkin guts. She can’t get enough. Luckily my son will still pose for me with a pumpkin, taking all the credit without any of the blood, sweat and tears.

download (4)

Then of course come the fall pictures. I am very very lucky because my sister is a photographer so we get major dibs on some amazing pics! The picture below is an oldie but a goodie. Love those fall colors.

download (5)

Then comes the adult fun. The random mask and wigs. My sisters and I are all grown up and still can’t seem to say no to the masks. A couple years ago me and my husband and my sisters and their husbands all put our name in a hat and said a little prayer and picked one. Whoever’s name we drew was the person we had to dress up like. Somehow all of us ladies drew each others husbands and the husbands drew us ladies. Let’s just say that when I saw my hubby wearing a camisole, well that’s an image I can never erase. Unfortunately the pictures from that year have conspicuously disappeared.

And then there is the food. Fall food. The crock pot comes out as does the book of soup recipes and we bask in the warmness of fall food! Here is my most recent new favorite recipe and it actually doesn’t use a crockpot! Please try and see for yourself, it’s delicious and healthy and if you add extra bacon the men in your life will love it too!


Cauliflower Chowder

Here’s to a Happy Fall!


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