New Recipe Bliss


No Carb Pizza

The last couple of weeks I’ve been trying a few new recipes here and there. It’s pretty tough for a recipe to make it into our monthly rotation so when these happened into my life all at once and actually became contenders for a repeat, I was thrilled.

First up was the No Carb Pizza. I have had cauliflower crust pizza and I really liked it but this one may have just topped that on my too good to be true healthy pizza recipe list! I of course put bacon bacon and more bacon on for topings but you can do anything. Next time I make it I’m gonna go with veggies. Love my veggie pizzas!


Cauliflower Chowder

Next on the list is this little gem that I came across on Pinterest. I have a severe obsession with cauliflower. I have come to the conclusion that you can substitute in cauliflower for just about any starch for dinner. This recipe reminds me of potato soup. Of course I topped it with extra parmesan and extra bacon. I promise I don’t add bacon to everything, the next recipe on the list has none whatsoever.


Chocolate Chip Cookies

I realize that this is just a basic cookie recipe but something about it made my cookies oh so good! I also realize that this isn’t a “healthy” dessert but if you compare it to a package of cookies I could buy at the grocery store you may change your thinking just a bit. I’d much rather my kids get homemade real desserts that are delicious and fresh from time to time rather than store bought processed and packaged cookies.

So here’s a few more recipes to add in to our Lane dinner rotation! Try them and let me know what you think!

Happy Cooking!


5 thoughts on “New Recipe Bliss”

  1. Cauliflower is awesome! I love it! I used to love broccoli more, but now I love cauliflower a bit more. It’s easier to eat and tastes better, and like you said, you can add it or substitute it for everything as it’s neutral.

    I’m usually on mobile when I comment, and now I’m on my laptop and can see your header pictures. I just wanted to say that you have such a beautiful family!

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