The Beautiful Disarray of Play


A short and sweet account!

Today when my son asked me to go to his room to play with him and his “guys” I followed him in and sat down without much thought. Almost immediately I could feel the disarray of his room glaring at me from every corner. A random bunched up sock lay in the middle of the room, shoes piled up under the bed, toy buckets tipped over. My first instinct was to clean while I played. I’m pretty sure that’s what I usually end up doing when I “play” in my kids rooms. I end up cleaning. Today I just played. Buzz and Woody were superheros today, they had a mission to save Batman and Robin from Joker’s Lair. Today I really enjoyed the playful part of being a parent. I left the sock on the floor and the shoes under the bed for another day and I played.


7 thoughts on “The Beautiful Disarray of Play”

  1. Take it from my personal experience. Looking back on these precious early years, you will remember the play and cuddle times best with your children and the cluttered rooms will fade away to a distant hazy memory because in the end, our time spent enjoying our children is what matters most. 🙂

  2. Thank you I needed this one I’m the exact same way. I need to put my blinders on and just play because one day they won’t want to play.

  3. I love this! I tend to clean too while they play. Or I’ll clean the bathroom while they take a bath. I need to relax more and play!

  4. It’s hard but focusing on the moment can be so important in those times. Unless it’s a pressing matter I try to focus on my nephews and playing with them if they specifically ask me to play and/or bring me a toy.

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