Baby Food Genius


The baby food making has begun. My Littlest is almost 6 months old and he’s got a handful of yummy fresh vegetables and fruits under his belt. Some acorn squash and sweet potato to bananas and pears. For the most part it has been pretty successful, a few tablespoons a day and that’s that. The only thing that is giving him problems are the bananas, the last two times he’s had them he has puked pretty violently about an hour afterwards. No more bananas for awhile that’s for sure!

I love love love making my own baby food and it’s so much healthier for those little ones and guess what, it’s a lot cheaper! For example I bought two acorn squash for .69 cents a piece and that will last me the entire month, along with one sweet potato pureed. They last a long time especially at the beginning because they don’t eat as much but it’s still cheaper as their ability to eat more grows. If you buy whats in season or compare shop you can get great deals and buy for a month at a time.

Even if you work full time you can spend an hour on the weekend preparing your vegetables for the month, it really doesn’t take longer than that. And you can use any old blender for the most part. I used to have a baby bullet but I laid the blade attachments on a hot burner and they melted. It was right after my 2nd baby so major baby brain! I have a Ninja brand blender now and it works great for that baby food makin’

Picture time…first up is sweet potatoes that I peeled, boiled, pureed and froze. Ice cube trays are amazing! Fill them up, freeze them and the empty them out into freezer bags and date and label them. For the first couple months you only need to use a couple cubes worth of food at a time when feeding your baby.


Acorn squash is another fav, Littlest still prefers sweet potatoes but we gotta have a little variety even at the beginning. You just cut them in half, bake, pull the peel off after baking is done and puree them up.


So that’s that. I never bother too much with rice cereal but I know sometimes that’s a necessity when babies aren’t gaining enough or very very slowly. My babies have never struggled with a low weight on the scale.

So excited about all the fun foods we get to try in the upcoming months, I’m getting a glimpse of turnips and eggplant in our future… YUM YUM!

Here’s to happy pureeing!


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