Tales From a Waiting Room


Today I sat in a waiting room with my 2 sisters and my dad, waiting for my mom to get out of surgery. She had part of her thyroid taken out and tested for cancer. Here is what I learned in the waiting room today.

My sisters and my dad are the most talkative people in a waiting room and probably the most giggly.

My fingers bleed when I’m nervous, may have to do with my nervous habit of biting and pulling at them.

My family tells stories when we are in a waiting room for 5 hours.

My dad’s 3rd grade teacher used to rub his cheeks together and tell him what a good boy he was. My dad hated this.

The hospital cafeteria sells sushi now.

My mom looks super cute and even tinier in a hospital gown.

My brother-in-law cut a hole into a wall in my sisters stairway so he could move a couch through the narrow path. They are making it into an extra door. This caused a lot of chaos and tears in their house over the weekend. (I laughed a lot during this story but you may have had to of been there.)

The hospital gives you a color key to let you know where your loved one is at in surgery. It made us want to play Candyland.

The longer the wait the more anxious and worried we become and the bloodier the fingers.

I’m knee deep into adulthood and didn’t even know it.

The dried fruit in the vending machine is just bad.

One of my nieces puts all of her fingernail clippings in a pile after trimming them and throws them down the stairs at home, this grosses my sister out.

I say “awesome” and “that’s great” a lot when hearing good news from the surgeon. Thank God for good news today.

Take away the worried and uncertainty of a loved ones well being, waiting with people you love for someone you love isn’t so bad. There is not another group of people I would rather wait and worry and joke and laugh and bite my nails with than this lot.

Here’s to one healthy mama!


6 thoughts on “Tales From a Waiting Room”

  1. Good news is always good! My mom has had two back and one neck surgery since October 2013. It is nerve wracking for sure! Sounds like your family handled it pretty well.

    The way we handled it is that my brother would take off and leave me and my stepdad in the waiting room all three times. He either walked around the hospital or went for a drive somewhere (that’s how he deals). My stepdad and I are quiet introverts… well I am most of the time anyway, haha… so we were both just content to sit there and do what we wanted. Still anxious and nervous but as content as you can be. Besides the surgery, I always worried about her care afterwards since I was solely responsible for it but it always turned out okay.

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