Winter Wonderland

Today I totally pulled this craft out of thin air. I was already behind on our daily activities for December so last night I looked at my crafts and supplies which were definitely lacking. So a hodge podge of items put together became our very first homemade Winter Wonderland. Here’s what we used for it.

Paper plates – for the base.

Coffee filters – cut into strips and crunched up to look like snow on our paper plate base.

Construction paper – cut into tree shapes, different sizes and shades of green would be good.

Marshmallows – was meant to make snowmen which the kids loved doing but they totally didn’t hold up well so made snowmen out of balls of coffee filters to glue onto our paper plates.

Glitter, glitter glue, stickers and snowflake ribbon to decorate with.

It was definitely a last minute craft but totally turned out cute and the kids loved it, I have the glitter all over my house to prove it.

Happy Last Minute Crafting!:)


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