When Just the Act of Writing is Enough


“We are cups, constantly and quietly being filled. The trick is knowing how to tip ourselves over and let the beautiful stuff out.”                                                                                                      -RAY BRADBURY, Zen in the Art of Writing


In my early 20’s I wrote a book. I had this dream of being a published author and that dream carried me through a very sketchy couple years working for a sketchy company that paid well and since I was single I had all the time in the world to write. I finished the “novel” in 2008 right around the moment that I met the man I was going to marry. So I didn’t try very hard to get it published. I was in that lovey dovey, everything is magical and hazy phase. It was beautiful… but my actual attempt at getting published was pretty futile and really I only have a handful of rejection letters to show for it.

The “happily ever after” marriage happened and the babies were born and the book went on the back burner of my desires. I’m a mommy and a wife and it has been more than enough. Just one thing though, I forgot that I was still a person with goals and dream and a passion. My family comes first, it always will and I will never regret that. I could have made time to pursue writing but I didn’t. My husband once said (not in response to my lack of writing) that people who say they don’t have time to exercise or read or sit at the table and eat dinner with their family or just about any excuse for not doing something are just saying it’s not a priority to them, its not important enough to make time. It made me think that maybe my love for writing should make that list of priorities. It may be closer to the bottom but it’s on there and has been since I’ve dug deeper into blogging. But now I think I’m ready to dig up that dusty book from those old forgotten corners of my mind and begin to work on it, proof read it, edit it and maybe even start again. I started putting it all on Nookpress.com a couple years ago because as much as I love rejection letters (I’m not lying I really do) I feel like that’s one of the hardest ways to get a book out there. Especially with all the technology these day. Darn technology standing in my way. I could really blame anything if I wanted to I suppose. Nook Press was something I didn’t finish again but it’s there for me to return to. If anyone has any stories with this self-publishing website please share!

Basically what I’m trying to get at is that writing is enough for me. While I may never become that published author I always dreamt of being, just the act of writing is enough for me. The process in itself is something I will never outgrow or lose my love for.

Now, that being said, if there are any pointers from all you accomplished writers out there please feel free to share your knowledge. I’m pretty much a sponge at this point in my writing journey.

Here’s to writing being enough!

13 thoughts on “When Just the Act of Writing is Enough”

  1. Sometimes I think it’s not so much a low priority as it is just the season of life that we’re in. This could be your writing season. Best of luck!

  2. Writing can be enough I think. But I also think you should revisit trying to get published! It’s a pretty tough slog but even J.K. Rowling was rejected lots of times http://www.theguardian.com/books/2015/mar/24/jk-rowling-tells-fans-twitter-loads-rejections-before-harry-potter-success

    I think the process of trying is more important than getting published. I’ve never had the attention span to write a novel, but it’s certainly great to see you name published!

  3. Hurrah. I agree with your husband, and mine. If there’s time to watch TV, there’s time to write. And you feel your gift/purpose is writing, you need to do it, otherwise it’ll become an incessant chattering voice in your head!!
    Do you have The Writers & Artists Yearbook in the US? It might be a British publication, but tha’s pretty much the go-to guide for anyone wanting to write, find an agent and get published. Cos, you know that’s what you want to do really. The blogging is just a distraction 😉

    1. Haha, you are right I’m sure. Blogging is definitely a distraction, a pretty good one but still;) I did have one of those books back in 2008. I probably need to get an updated version though. 🙂 Thanks for the encouragement!

  4. LOVE this post! Congratulations on pursuing your dream! I’ve begun writing again and love reading about other writers beginning anew! I recently read Zen in the Art of Writing (awesome!), but just finished Writing Down the Bones (Natalie Goldberg) and she encourages — just keep writing! Thank you for sharing!!

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