One Well-Rounded Husband


Tonight the family got home a little later than usual so we hurried and got kids changed, brushed and tucked neatly away into their beds. I was just putting on stretchy pants and walking through the living room when my husband says,

“I don’t know what to watch.”

“What’s on?” I ask

“Mary Poppins or Boxing.” He says as he flips between the two with the remote.

I glance over at the television and smile. “I have one well-rounded husband.”

A little smile passed over his face as I continued through the room. He knew I was right. The last week and a half he has convinced me to sit through the first 4 Rocky movies but I have also been known to buy him tickets to musicals for his birthday because he absolutely loves them.


So the story ends and I’m reminded of how much I love my well-rounded other half!:)


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