The End of the Year is Drawing Near


Family Photo’s Are In

I got my pictures back from our family photo session a few weeks ago and all I could think was “wow, these are my people”. The end of the year is drawing near and I have so many reasons to be satisfied but in these photo’s are my top 4 reasons hands down! With the hustle and bustle of the last few months, okay lets face it, the entire year… it’s so easy to take for granted those around you. Those closest to you. The ones that make your heart go pitter patter on the double.

These are mine…

My husband, my two lovely toddlers who make my head spin and my heart pump with happiness and my newest little one who looks at us with an explosive smile almost always. These are my reasons to close out 2015 with a satisfying smile and look forward to a new year full of the unknown. These are my people and I couldn’t have picked out better ones to walk into the new year with.

Here’s to a lovely year gone by and a lovely year to come!


5 thoughts on “The End of the Year is Drawing Near”

  1. So true! I agree — life is so much more lovely with my people! This is the first Christmas since we’ve had children that we didn’t get family pictures taken. We relied on selfies and pictures taken by friends, but I keep going back to the pictures we had taken earlier this year — and I have the same feeling of love, satisfaction, and delight to spend another year with my loves!

      1. We ran across an empty 35mm film canister in our construction process — my sweet boys were intrigued by this perfect little pod! To think how much technology has changed, just since my sweet boys were born — amazing!

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