This Just In! Adulthood is Here


You would think having 3 babies and a husband and a mortgage would have brought the adult out in me but it hasnt, it’s been more like playing house. I get to burp and feed and dress my babies just like I did when I was six and had 20 pretend babies. Ive been practicing my whole life for that and I used to pretend I had husbands all the time too, they were fake and usually in the shape of a pillow but they were mine so…


I got taller but seem to have never stopped playing. That was until the last few months. I think that everything was all kinda coming at me real slow like and then


it hit me like a tractor. I saw it coming but wanted to keep picking flowers and didn’t move in time. Now I am an adult and I don’t quite know how to act or react.

Here are the 6 reasons why I’ve been kicked in the butt by adulthood.

1. We are saving up for a van, yes a van, but with 3 kids packed like sardines in the back seat of our SUV the idea of a van makes my heart melt.

2. I wear elastic waistbands all the time, I mean all the time!

3. I want to redo our house so we can sell it and buy the house we are gonna die in.

4. Makeup just doesn’t matter any more. While I do like to doll up still it is very rare that I have time for it. My face is naked and haggard and I just don’t have a chance to care.

5. I went to a pampered chef party and bought measuring cups….. measuring cups people!

6. I told my daughter she needed to fix her attitude, which is identical to what my mom said to me growing up.

I realize that these are silly reasons but when I noticed them and felt them all within a couple weeks of each other the word adulthood took my breath away.

I shall explain in a few short sentences, I am not at all afraid of getting older. I shrieked with glee when I turned 30. I will not dye my gray hairs and I will not get too fussy when I start wearing elastic pants all the time (wait, already there!). But the actual adulthood thing… eek. For some reason when I think of an adult I think of someone who doesn’t skip anymore or laugh out loud, or really have any fun at all.

I realize I totally have a misconception of the word.


The actual definition of adult:

having attained full size and strength; grown up; mature: an adult person, animal, or plant.

Being a mature grown up never hurt anybody I suppose. It’s what my parents always wanted for me. (sigh)

So instead of running away and sulking I will just have to pull up my elastic adult pants and skip ahead. Embrace that word like I did 30 and pay my bills on time.

Yay for me!


23 thoughts on “This Just In! Adulthood is Here”

  1. I loved this. I can relate and I’m way older than you!!! I often feel like a child in an adult’s body – wonder how come it is we feel this way – like we just haven’t really grown up?
    You’re right though. It’s like adulthood would say in it’s defence: “Suck it up princess and just keep paying those bills!” -sigh, I guess we’re in the same boat!! Don’t forget to skip at some point today – it’s optional but good exercise!!! Take care 🙂

  2. Yes! I live in my pajamas. When you’re on your hands and knees scrubbing oatmeal off the floor or picking up toys; when you have seconds to pee, and when you have no other place to wipe boogies than on your leg, who has time for real pants? I hear ya! … and I just discovered my mascara is all dried up. Yay!

  3. Haha, very relatable post. I know I am just a brand new mom, but I am only two and a half short years away from the big 3 0. When I think about it, I’m always trying to hold onto that last shred of my life as a teen/young adult. I was responsible but I always knew how to have fun. I honestly don’t think I could ever forget how to have fun, but I can feel adulthood sucking away the life I once had, bit by bit – with every pair of stretchy pants I don – with every day I show up to work adorned in my natural, porous, baggy-eyed look, all on display for the world (or the store) to see.
    I keep telling myself I’ll care someday. But will I? Will I really?

    1. I think that there are ways to still have fun as an adult without disregarding our responsibilities, like a late night dinner with my love (even if it means candle-lit dinner at home) or a movie at home just the two of us with popcorn and/or pizza. But then sleepiness creeps in and we’re ZZZZZZZ HAHAHA!

  4. If entering adulthood means going out with all of baby’s stuff in tow and so proud that none of her essentials was left behind, only to realize I haven’t brushed my hair and we’re already out the door and I didn’t bring my own brush, yes I’m there. HAHA!

  5. What a great post! It definitely made me laugh out loud. I can totally relate. I’ll be hitting the big 4-0 next year and that seems unbelievable to me. When did that happen?! I don’t feel old, I’m still clinging to my gleefully childish sense of reckless abandon. I guess the saying is true “you’re only as old as you feel” … So go out and have some fun today, it can’t hurt!

  6. Oh my! I’ve passed through all six of those reasons too! Ha!

    We bought a van after having twins (with one ahead of them) and having to hip check our Honda Civic to close the doors on the baby seats, as well as the fact that we overheard the neighbours declare, “it looks like they’re loading sows.” It was time to grow up and into the mini-van. Now there’s no looking back, make-upless, the hair pulled into that aging mother with-no-time-bun, the easy waist bands (so hilarious!), the attitude check talks with the kiddos!
    I love this post!

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