Parents and Sneaky Bedtime Routines


This picture pretty much sums up our night. My 2 year old is obsessed with popcorn. I went in to tuck her in for the thousandth time and she asks.

“Are you eating popcorn?”

“Yes, yes we are sis. I have some saved for you for snack tomorrow.”

“Can I see it?” She asks

Ummmm No Way! I think to myself as I gently tuck her in, shake my head and give her a kiss on the cheek.

She is a popcorn eater and she will eat the entire bowl if she was left on her own. I imagine this picture is what she is thinking and looking like right about now!


18 thoughts on “Parents and Sneaky Bedtime Routines”

  1. Ha! this is hilarious. My kids are always trying to sneak downstairs during bed time, wondering what we are doing. When my husband makes popcorn, he opens the bag outside to air it out. Otherwise they will wake up and follow their noses. “Mommy, Daddy what are you eating? What is that I smell” Thanks for sharing…

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