My babies broke my body

This is a wonderful and very true post about our bodies after babies!! As lovely as those babies are, they sometimes leave our bodies a mess… a big mess. At least for me, I wasn’t one of those women who was great at pregnancy or labor or delivery. Now that being said, I seem to be doing a pretty bang up job keeping them alive and happy. Anyways this is a great post by a lovely personal trainer friend/sister of mine! She is dabbling in online training now and rocking it! Read on if your body has been babyfied…

Get Fit

Disclaimer-there may be an over-usage of the word “body” please forgive 😉

It’s true, that my babies broke my body. It’s true that it will never be quite the same, I will always have stretch marks, and breast feeding certainly was hard on me! But I would never in a million years take it back! All you mommas out there feel the same way, I’m sure.

Doing lots of cardio over the years has helped. I love to run, Run like the wind doth blow! But the truth is over time it’s hard on your body…the knees start to ache and injuries occur and then one can’t run. What to do?


The past few years I have began to weight train, and it has changed and shaped my body in ways I never thought possible. I am more comfortable with my self now than ever before  (yes, even more so…

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