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That Drive Thru Got the Best of Me Today!


A long morning turned into a drive thru run for the Lane family. If you don’t know why this is such a big deal you can catch up here and here. It was story time at the library and then Jazzercise and then mommy totally remembered that she forgot to pack lunches. And instead of lugging all 3 kiddos in somewhere she decided to take the easy way and go through McDonald’s. That mommy is me and it is the first time I have had fast food in 3 months. I don’t know whether to be mortified or do a small victory dance for making it that long without. The kids are doing a little dance themselves as they chow down those fries.

Well tomorrow is another day and we can begin again without the fast food but today this mommy was tired and a little behind and well lets just admit it…. a little lazy.

The only thing on my mind now is possibly trying to get another Jazzercise class in after that little run in with those fast wrapped burgers. Hmmmm….

Update: Do not eat fast food and do cardio within 2 hours of each other. I think either my body isn’t used to fast food so my stomach was just in knots the entire workout or I never used to do that much cardio at once during my fast food days. Either way it’s not a good idea! Blah

Baby Food Genius


The baby food making has begun. My Littlest is almost 6 months old and he’s got a handful of yummy fresh vegetables and fruits under his belt. Some acorn squash and sweet potato to bananas and pears. For the most part it has been pretty successful, a few tablespoons a day and that’s that. The only thing that is giving him problems are the bananas, the last two times he’s had them he has puked pretty violently about an hour afterwards. No more bananas for awhile that’s for sure!

I love love love making my own baby food and it’s so much healthier for those little ones and guess what, it’s a lot cheaper! For example I bought two acorn squash for .69 cents a piece and that will last me the entire month, along with one sweet potato pureed. They last a long time especially at the beginning because they don’t eat as much but it’s still cheaper as their ability to eat more grows. If you buy whats in season or compare shop you can get great deals and buy for a month at a time.

Even if you work full time you can spend an hour on the weekend preparing your vegetables for the month, it really doesn’t take longer than that. And you can use any old blender for the most part. I used to have a baby bullet but I laid the blade attachments on a hot burner and they melted. It was right after my 2nd baby so major baby brain! I have a Ninja brand blender now and it works great for that baby food makin’

Picture time…first up is sweet potatoes that I peeled, boiled, pureed and froze. Ice cube trays are amazing! Fill them up, freeze them and the empty them out into freezer bags and date and label them. For the first couple months you only need to use a couple cubes worth of food at a time when feeding your baby.


Acorn squash is another fav, Littlest still prefers sweet potatoes but we gotta have a little variety even at the beginning. You just cut them in half, bake, pull the peel off after baking is done and puree them up.


So that’s that. I never bother too much with rice cereal but I know sometimes that’s a necessity when babies aren’t gaining enough or very very slowly. My babies have never struggled with a low weight on the scale.

So excited about all the fun foods we get to try in the upcoming months, I’m getting a glimpse of turnips and eggplant in our future… YUM YUM!

Here’s to happy pureeing!

5 Months to Pre baby Body Round 2 – Temptations


I’m on a mission to get down to my pre-baby weight. I gave myself 10 months after our littlest came along and uh oh…. I’m halfway through, only 5 more months to go. You can read my first official post on the subject here. Just a bit of a recap if you aren’t invested enough in my life to go back two months ago to find out more here is where I was standing.

Birthing day before actual birth – 202lbs (sad face inserted here, but two pounds less than when I had my daughter so happy face inserted here.) I gained 52 pounds with this third pregnancy and along with the 8-10 lbs I was still carrying from my 2 other lovely children, that put me about 62 pounds up from my young a lovely marriage weight.

2 Days later at home from hospital – 190 lbs (a bit measly if you ask me)

3 months later and 1st post – 167lbs (which is a total of 35lbs lost, but that’s including baby and all so kinda doesn’t count)

Okay so that was where I was 2 months ago. This post is a week late in getting written but I promise I did weigh myself on November 1st in preparation for this very day. The last 2 months have not went exactly as planned. I have been beyond tempted and sometimes I totally succumbed to my tempter and sometimes I didn’t. The picture above is actually a box of donuts that I didn’t partake in but I did feed to my kids. My husband plays cruel jokes on me by spontaneously leaving surprise donuts on the table early in the morning before he leaves for work. I think this is because I took his fast food away but I can’t be sure. Anyways these little surprise donuts are the very worst. Sometimes I will eat one or two or ya know, who’s counting. But this picture is of a box that I did not touch. I can honestly say that with a growling belly. So with all the temptations out there and not following my original plan. (pic posted below) I actually succeeded in losing some weight. My original plan was to go through all my workout videos and do them like a crazy person. I have the notebook paper to prove it….


I had planned every month like this and with every month it only intensified but I barely did any of it. Not that I haven’t worked out but I found me some Jazzercise and it changed everything. I’m sure I would have still lost weight using my notebook paper, maybe even more than I have with Jazzercise but I’m not one for rushing through in an unhealthy way.

The results are in…

5 months down, 5 to go – 157lbs

I’ve lost 10 pounds since September 1st. Averaging 5 lbs a month and the occasional donut, I will totally accept that weight loss. I have about 10-15 lbs to go and I know that those last lbs are the hardest to lose so I may have to actually say no more than yes when it comes to those “gifts” hubby leaves for me on the table. I didn’t totally suck up on the nutrition part though. I substituted a ton of vegetables in for rice and pasta and potatoes. I also counted calories using My Fitness Pal.

Next Monthly Goal – To lose anywhere from 3-4 lbs a month for the rest of the year. Only 2 months left but those are the heavy eating months…. can I hear an AMEN! So if I could lose another 6 lbs by the end of 2015 I will be one happy camper.

Just to let you take a peek into my Jazzercise life, here is a picture from our Oct 31st class. I’m in the Minnie Mouse ears on the right. Get out your glasses.


Here’s to another 2 months of healthy weight loss goals! Feel free to share some of the healthy goals and changes that you’ve made!

Fast Food Free – Continued


It’s been just about 2 months since this crazy mommy gave up fast food for our family. Which you can read about here. It started with a conversation over hamburgers and fries that were not homemade and ended with me saying “This is the last time we are going to eat at-INSERT FAST FOOD NAME HERE- for awhile.” And that was that. 2 months later and it’s been hiccup free!


The first couple weeks were the hardest. Almost every time we passed those golden arches my kids asked it we could stop for “just a few fries”. Their words not mine. And those times that they didn’t ask, I had to fight the urge not to turn into that lingering and forever convenient drive thru just to get my kids to stop fighting or screaming or having an emotional fit with tears and all. How easy is it just to turn in and soak those tears up with some sesame seed buns. Then there were those moments when we were all legitimately hungry because mommy forgot to pack sandwiches on a busy day full of lots of car time. Those moments I almost caved in. I almost made excuses and I almost threw out my previous commitment, ready to title it as another failed attempt at bettering our lives. But guess what, I didn’t cave in and just kept driving. Yay me.

When I say bettering our lives I’m really not over exaggerating, here are a few positives I’ve noticed since quitting the fast food craze.


We’ve noticed a huge shift in our cash money. (I love me some budgeting) I went back to the month of August on our bank statement and we spent exactly 110.72 on fast food. That’s just over 100 dollars a month savings. To me that seems steep and makes me a little more grossed out at how much we were actually eating fast. Now with this freed up money it allows us to actually go to nice restaurants a couple times a month as a family and sit down and enjoy an experience. I’m thrilled by this.


My kids have had fast food twice since we’ve started this, once when their aunt took them and once with their Nana. Just to keep this short and sweet and prove my point. My two year old daughter puked up her fast food fries in the middle of the night. At this point it had been about a month since they’d had fast food fries. If barfing doesn’t make this project worth while I don’t know what will.


My kids aren’t as picky now. They try more things at dinner time and honestly so do I. I’ve been experimenting with recipes and adding more variety into our menu. Even my husband eats his vegetables better because I’m getting more creative with making them.

To think, all of this from a simple change in our eating habits. I know that my husband still has an occasional burger or taco on his lunch breaks and he’s a grown up, I gotta let the man be but as a family we are rocking this fast food free lifestyle so far. It hasn’t been especially easy but it’s been well worth the fight. I’m excited to continue on this journey with my lovely Lanes. I would encourage everyone to give it a try. Let me know if you decide to jump on the fast food free train with us!

Here’s to conscious eating!

Dressed for Jazz


About 2 weeks ago I fell in love with something I never expected to fall in love with. I went to a fitness club that a couple of my friends belong to in attempt to keep on track with my 10 (only 6 left) month plan to get back to my pre baby weight. The class that I attended made me sweat, it made me sore and it made me smile the rest of the day! I came home still jumping around, I mean my endorphins were at an all time high. Now this is the part where I tell you the name of the club and this is the part that I feel a little embarrassed. I don’t really know why, it just reminds me of the 80’s which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I mean I love The Breakfast Club and St. Elmo’s Fire and Pretty in Pink. Okay here it goes, I’m in love with….


Yep, it still exists and it’s better than ever. You aren’t just dancing the entire time you are also doing kick boxing, strength training, pilates, yoga and interval training during classes. The month of October is free at the clubs in my area so I’ve been able to try multiple classes and fall in love. They offer child care so I am able to do a few day classes a week and a couple night classes too. I didn’t think I would have the time to do it but when you find something that you love and that you feel working to make you both stronger and healthier then the excuses start to fall away and you begin to prioritize your health into your life. At least that’s what I’ve done. Since I am down to 6 months until the end of my 10 month pre baby weight goal I needed to find something that I would actually keep up with and something that wasn’t a workout at home because sadly whenever I have time to do an exercise video I tend to choose to do something else like chores or kids stuff or cooking or those 3 minutes showers I love so much. So now I go somewhere and guess what, I have to do it because there are 20 other women in that big room motivating each other. It’s amazing. So amazing that I’m joining on Wednesday.

Now after a weekish of trying Jazzercise I decided to invest in some workout pants. I really wanted the galaxy tights that were super cool but they didn’t have my size so went with another print that is still rockin’! I have conformed to Jazzercise wear and I’m loving every second of it! So excited about the next 6 months of trying to get my before baby body back. I think it’s going to be tubular dude!

Happy Exercising!

Fast Food Free for a Year


From the title you probably have 2 guesses at where I’m going with this post.

1st – That this is a post on how to get fast food for free for an entire year! (I would probably have guessed this one just because it sounds like more fun!)


2nd – That we are taking a year off from eating fast food.

If you guessed the 2nd then you are correct, you win nothing.

Okay so, we live in a fast food nation and I would really like to break the cycle for my family. I’ve been saying this for a few years and haven’t done a thing about it. I’m definitely a part of the problem. My family has sort of turned into a drive-thru family. We haven’t always been like this but in the past year, as my oldest has gotten more things on his to do list than before such as, sports, a couple of half days a week of school and home school which involves a lot of field trips because that’s how we roll, we are on the road quite a bit more. I can’t just blame my 4 year olds social life… my husband is to blame as well. He plays worship for all three services at church every other month so 50% of the time we don’t get out til close to 1 so what do we do… drive through a fast food chain, grab a bag of greasy but oddly okay tasting food to eat and run home for nap time. It has been a slow and steady incline that has made it almost unnoticeable until I do the budget and see how much those few quick trips a week adds up to or until I started noticing that my kids were expecting to go somewhere to eat rather than eat at home a lot more. I wasn’t going to add this in but that is a total fail on my part. I’m in charge of the budget and I’m in charge of what my family puts into their bodies and as of right now I’m taking the easy way out just a little bit. Now I’m not trying to make anyone else feel bad, I’m just putting this out there because honestly it will hold me accountable. I’m a big goal setter and not always such a great goal completer but I find when I write something down or put it out there like this then I can usually follow through. So I talked to my husband and me and the kids shook on it, no more fast food for an entire year. This is what my son said as soon as we shook on it, “See you next time at McDonald’s.” I’m thinking he may not know quite how long a year takes at this point. Hahaha. Okay so no fast food for a year pros and cons list.

Pros – Save Money(trying to become debt free, less burgers = less debt, Eating Healthier, Helping out with that 10 months I gave myself to lose the baby weight, Educate my children by doing(priceless)

Cons – Have to prepare to go meals more often, whiny kids for the first few months(at least)

I am worried about making the time to get things made to take with us. While I love the idea of cutting out fast food I don’t want to just switch that out for having something disgusting and processed in my bag at all times for the kids to eat. I’m thinking packing fruit that won’t go too bad too quickly in the heat, pb&j’s, and that’s about as far as I’ve gotten. So hoping I will have some updates after a month or so on the savings we have made, on the kids (their moods, their attitudes, etc) and if I’m pulling my hair out or not. This is “edge of your seat” kind of stuff we are talking about so stay tuned!

Here’s to a fast food free year!

Disclaimer: By fast-food, I’m thinking anything that has a drive through window! I’m not saying we are never going to eat out again either but we will definitely make better choices and make these times special sit down occasions in a restaurant that is slow not fast!

7 Months to Pre-Baby Body – Round 1


I gave myself ten months after I had my LAST baby to get back in shape and actually have the healthy body inside and out that I did before the babies started being made. At first it seemed like way too long but I didn’t want to rush it or get discouraged, I wanted to embrace every moment with my last newborn and not worry about the number on the scale or the extra so and so escaping from the top of my jeans. I wasn’t planning on blogging about this but have decided this is a good way to hold me accountable! So my numbers…

I went into the hospital weighing 202 pounds on the day he was born which means I gained a whopping 52 pounds during this last pregnancy and along with about 8-10 pounds I was still holding onto with my daughter that put me up to about 62 pounds from my marriage weight. Say what? By the time I got home from the hospital 2 days later I was down to 190 which I thought was kind of measly due to the fact that I’d just birthed a baby and everything that comes with it so I was hoping for at least 15 pounds but I can’t be too stingy I suppose! Now my littlest one is 3 months old and I’m down to 167 which is a total of 35 pounds in three-month which is pretty good. I didn’t starve myself for one day which is more than I can say for my post pregnancies with my first two…

I only cared about the scale back then, what a sad life I led. Luckily now that I’ve hit thirty I realize “Hey, I don’t need to be a rail I just want to be healthy and buckle my jeans without crying!” So here I am. 140-145 is calling my name. I’m 5’9 so I have no desire to go below that number, I like food way to much so if numbers don’t lie then I’ve got approx 20-25 to go and 7 months to do it in! While that sounds like plenty of time considering I lost 35 in 3 months I totally know how hard those last 10-20 are to lose which is why I’ve devised a plan…

My notebook paper monthly schedule, here is a pic for your own special viewing.


If you can’t tell I’ve accumulated several workout videos in my day, from my 1st Billy Blanks dvd’s all the way to my most recent 21 Day fix program. If you see by my horribly scribbled out schedule I am pretty much doing those and everything in between for the month of September. I’m also cutting out sweets, I’m NOT cutting carbs…. only SUGARY SWEETS! Every month, for the next 7 months, I will make my workout schedule a little more intense and make my way towards more clean eating!

So that’s it in a nutshell! Super excited to keep up with my monthly progress on here. With homeschooling and babies and toddlers I think I’ve got my work cut out for me but I know that my trusty 1 or 2 readers will hold me accountable!:)

Here’s to getting healthy at home!:)