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The Forgotten Lullaby


 I don’t have to chase extraordinary moments to find happiness – it’s right in front of me if I’m paying attention and practicing gratitude. Brene Brown

Sometimes I get sick of all the articles and posts from mothers (and fathers) reminding other mothers (and fathers) about how fast time goes with their little ones. About not forgetting to embrace as many moments as you can. I’m the culprit of some of these posts myself so my finger pointing is aimed right at the mirror. A couple weeks ago I saw another one and honestly I can’t remember where it was but I thought, Whelp here is another one to pull at my guilt strings and remind me of all the times I’ve failed. The question crossed my mind: Why must we be reminded all the time of how fast these precious moments drift away?

It wasn’t until I was rocking my almost 4 month old did the answer come. It struck me hard, I couldn’t remember singing him a lullaby. Yes, I’ve rocked him and cuddled him but since the day he was born I’m almost positive that he hadn’t yet heard a lullaby from his momma. My heart broke a little bit. How had I missed such a special and important part of having a newborn? My other two got lots of lullabies, my first born probably more than my second but it definitely wasn’t something either of them lacked as babies. Now my 3rd little one had none and I felt like a loser. I began to sing to him and then hum and then sing again and almost every night since I haven’t missed a beat. But it brought up the question again but this time with an answer. Why must we be reminded all the time of how fast these precious moments drift away? The answer was simple.

Because we forget.

Whether we forget because we get too busy with our day to day lives, with school and sports and work or on-the-go plans that just keeping piling up. These reasons make the special moments that could be had slip from our minds. We forget to cuddle or play or talk or sing a lullaby to our children. And hopefully by the time we remember it’s not too late. In my case I was too busy to remember. My other children would wake up or need something while rocking my littlest and the lullabies just slipped my mind. On the nights that my other two happened to not need me I can’t be exactly sure what filled my mind instead of singing my baby to sleep. Maybe worrying or planning for the next day or sadly catching up on a show that I had been neglecting. It’s the truth but not one I really want to admit to.

When all is said and done we are not perfect, we can’t be but we can learn from listening or reading about other parents’ experiences in the forgotten. Experiences that they feel led to share so that others will remember just how fast these times actually go and how blessed we truly are to have these little people in our lives. As I finish this I realize that this is one such story and that while you may be thinking: Oh jeez not another one, like I have said not so long ago, maybe it will tug on someone’s conscience and remind them to give another hug, read another book or sing another lullaby.