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A Garden Made for You


Finally after years of wanting to make a garden, I finally pulled my big girl gardening boots on and started digging. I have my little ones to thank for it. Their little minds can soak up a lot of info and memories helping out with a garden and luckily I have a whole lot of tiny little hands to help me.

We’ve got some zucchini, squash, onions, cauliflower(my absolute favorite), peppers, lettuce and will be planting some melons in May.

My sister gave us one row of her cement blocks and brought my very crafty niece over to help the kids paint them. Fun all around, now lets just hope something grows!

Here’s to getting dirty!


Fun little update because I didn’t get this posted right away. A glimpse of our first little seed sprouting. Zucchini is the only one to break through so far! Fingers crossed for the rest of them!

New Recipe Bliss


No Carb Pizza

The last couple of weeks I’ve been trying a few new recipes here and there. It’s pretty tough for a recipe to make it into our monthly rotation so when these happened into my life all at once and actually became contenders for a repeat, I was thrilled.

First up was the No Carb Pizza. I have had cauliflower crust pizza and I really liked it but this one may have just topped that on my too good to be true healthy pizza recipe list! I of course put bacon bacon and more bacon on for topings but you can do anything. Next time I make it I’m gonna go with veggies. Love my veggie pizzas!


Cauliflower Chowder

Next on the list is this little gem that I came across on Pinterest. I have a severe obsession with cauliflower. I have come to the conclusion that you can substitute in cauliflower for just about any starch for dinner. This recipe reminds me of potato soup. Of course I topped it with extra parmesan and extra bacon. I promise I don’t add bacon to everything, the next recipe on the list has none whatsoever.


Chocolate Chip Cookies

I realize that this is just a basic cookie recipe but something about it made my cookies oh so good! I also realize that this isn’t a “healthy” dessert but if you compare it to a package of cookies I could buy at the grocery store you may change your thinking just a bit. I’d much rather my kids get homemade real desserts that are delicious and fresh from time to time rather than store bought processed and packaged cookies.

So here’s a few more recipes to add in to our Lane dinner rotation! Try them and let me know what you think!

Happy Cooking!