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Absolutely loved this post. Completely matches up to our reasons behind this decision as well!


Tis’ the Season for Giving in All Sorts of Ways


Over the weekend the women from my small group got together and made ornaments for the families that come into our local food pantry. One of the lovely ladies from the group volunteers there and came up with this awesome idea. We filled them with candy, m&m’s and cocoa mix and decorated them. It was a great time to get our fellowshipping, eating and giving in all at once. It’s what it’s all about! So thankful to have amazing women in my life who have such kind and giving hearts. It brings the best out in all of us.

Lets share the love and the joy this season. You never know, you may just change someone’s life!

We got some of the ideas from the following sites:

Cocoa Filled Ornaments

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Winter Wonderland

Today I totally pulled this craft out of thin air. I was already behind on our daily activities for December so last night I looked at my crafts and supplies which were definitely lacking. So a hodge podge of items put together became our very first homemade Winter Wonderland. Here’s what we used for it.

Paper plates – for the base.

Coffee filters – cut into strips and crunched up to look like snow on our paper plate base.

Construction paper – cut into tree shapes, different sizes and shades of green would be good.

Marshmallows – was meant to make snowmen which the kids loved doing but they totally didn’t hold up well so made snowmen out of balls of coffee filters to glue onto our paper plates.

Glitter, glitter glue, stickers and snowflake ribbon to decorate with.

It was definitely a last minute craft but totally turned out cute and the kids loved it, I have the glitter all over my house to prove it.

Happy Last Minute Crafting!:)

Let the Traditions Begin


Tomorrow is Dec 1st and I am knee deep in getting all the count downs and activities ready for it. Here are a few of our must have traditions!

Unwrap and Read One Christmas Book a Night


One of our favorite traditions is unwrapping a Christmas book every night to read before bed. I put 24 books wrapped and ready under the tree the night before the 1st of December, the kids get so super excited about them the next morning. They are always the first gifts under the tree so that helps. We’ve actually accumulated about 15 Christmas related books that we own and I reserve the rest at the library to pick up and have ready. I kind of like that better because then they get to read several “new” books.


Advent Calender

Every year since we’ve had kids that can walk we do some sort of advent calendar and every day the kids get to do something related to the season such as baking cookies for someone, making ornaments, watch Christmas movies, go and pick out a new ornament for the year, buy gifts for someone, help wrap gifts, visit Santa, make crafts, go look at lights, etc etc etc. Usually I incorporate the bible story about baby Jesus and the real meaning of Christmas into our everyday advent calendar but I’m changing it up a bit this year. Stay tuned;). Our calendars look different every year. Last year I used a mini muffin pan as you can see in pic below…. (sorry it’s fuzzy.)


And this year I’m going totally homemade again but pretty different. I am finishing it up tonight so will post an updated photo later. I love love love homemade advent calendars.

Felt Christmas Tree


Pretty much self explanatory and sooo simple but it’s one of my kids favorite things to do. We put it up on the 1st and they decorate it over and over again. Don’t judge my cut job, totally wish I had more of an OCD personality but nadda!

7 Days Before Christmas Bible Story and Nativity.

Last but not least, this is something totally new but now that my kids are a little older (at least my biggest) and their attention span has a little more depth to it we wanted to incorporate more focus on the Bible Christmas story.


The last 7 days leading up to Christmas they will open a box and add to the nativity scene. There is an add on and also a story from the bible to read so by Christmas morning the nativity will be complete and the story will be told. So excited about this new addition to our festivities. I really hope the kids get excited about it too. This is what Christmas is all about folks!:)

So that’s that, we have a few other traditions here and there, pajamas on Christmas Eve and a Christmas morning breakfast table but for the most part that’s the bulk of it and we are so excited to begin!

Here’s to a month of Merry Celebrations!