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Fear in a Blank Page


Have you ever just stared at a blank page? All those thoughts and ideas screaming to be scribbled out in front of you but instead they seem to be scattered among the chaos in your mind. My imagination and creativity seem to have lost themselves, not only in the fear but somewhere in the loads of laundry and the wild pack of children pulling at my clothes.

The idea of writing doesn’t scare me but when you add the word successful to the mix, that terrifies me. It makes the tiny hair on my arms stand up and the pencil fall from my grasp. While writing this, I was compelled to look up the meaning of the word successfultwo meanings showed up:

  • Accomplishing an aim or purpose.
  • Having achieved popularity, profit or distinction.

That second one is what terrifies me, there comes with it a tower of self-doubt that would inevitably cause my desire and love for writing to collapse in around itself. But the first one, I think I can get on board with. To me, it means that successful writing is in the eye of the beholder. Regardless of the money or the resources or the time spent on it, if I read something that changes the very rhythm of my heart and soul then I characterize that as successful writing. So in that very way I shouldn’t be fearful to write but encouraged and inspired to scribble my heart out on the lines, even if only one person reads it and finds something of meaning or comfort in those words, that in itself is successful. So, my only thing to fear is fear in a blank page. Now to find a way to push through the chaos and the chores and the requests and demands of everyday life and put pencil to paper or fingers to keys and write.



The Beautiful Disarray of Play


A short and sweet account!

Today when my son asked me to go to his room to play with him and his “guys” I followed him in and sat down without much thought. Almost immediately I could feel the disarray of his room glaring at me from every corner. A random bunched up sock lay in the middle of the room, shoes piled up under the bed, toy buckets tipped over. My first instinct was to clean while I played. I’m pretty sure that’s what I usually end up doing when I “play” in my kids rooms. I end up cleaning. Today I just played. Buzz and Woody were superheros today, they had a mission to save Batman and Robin from Joker’s Lair. Today I really enjoyed the playful part of being a parent. I left the sock on the floor and the shoes under the bed for another day and I played.