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Mud Pies in December – Unheard Of


Today my children made mud pies for the first time ever. The fact that this was able to happen in late December in Missouri is pretty much a miracle. If you know Missouri at all you know that the weather is unpredictable, there have been days it starts out warm and sunny and is freezing by late afternoon but you can pretty much rely on a pretty cold December, January and February. That is until this year. It has been absolutely gorgeous and play worthy weather the last couple weeks. Not that cold and snow aren’t lovely in their own right. Love love love winter weather but it sure is nice to have a couple surprise warm weeks to enjoy.

Today I gave my kids some old pie pans and plastic serving spoons and they went to town. They added sand and mud and grass and a little love. Today I held my youngest and watched the wind carry the clouds across the bright blue sky and I couldn’t stop thanking God for this opportunity to play and appreciate his lovely creations.


My daughter asked, ” Is this how we show God we love him?” (This is due to the fact that they watched Boz the Big Green Bear this morning and it was talking about all the ways we can show God’s love) She asked this while mixing her mud pie with all her little 2 year old might.

I told her that when we enjoy and play and love on all that God has made then we are definitely showing him love too.

Today we’ve had some surprise blessings and some surprise play and it was all around beautiful.

Here’s to being thankful for the little surprises that each day brings!


(Even the guys joined in)

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