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Rise and Shine


(Photo by Amber D. Duff Photography)

“For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.” Ephesians 2:10

Today I woke up and actually felt myself giving glory to God. I will confess not all mornings are like that and sometimes I fail to give God the glory that he is due daily. Oh how I love those mornings that without even a thought I wake up thanking him.

I took a little peek into my daughter’s unusually quiet room and found her laying on her tummy playing so nicely with her Minnie Mouse dolls. I couldn’t stop myself, I got down on my tummy and wished her a good morning and wrapped her in my arms and thanked the Lord for this little blessing.

My oldest is hit or miss with the touchy feeling stuff but he asked me to hold him this morning and I squeezed with all my might with thanksgiving and love.

And my littlest, well he’s pretty much my little stress ball. He’s, round and squishy and loves those hugs and I try not to miss one second. Stressed out or not, he’s my little happy hugger.

This morning I woke with a kick in my step and joyfulness in my heart. I sang “Rise and Shine and give God the Glory Glory,” at the top of my lungs while making breakfast. I stopped when my oldest son started covering his ears with his hands. He’s very much a lover of singing but I suppose he too has his breaking point.

Days like these are reminders of how awesome God is, and yes I sometimes need a reminder because I get so caught up in the lists and the ins and outs of our day that I forget where the main focus of my day should be in the first place. The shining light that is the reason for the joy in my heart is just dying to shine through wherever it can. I can show God glory with my kindness, with how I treat my husband (even on days when I’d like to keep to myself), I can show it with the patience I show my kiddos (even during the most craziest of tantrums). I can show God’s glory with my compassion, forgiveness, love and grace towards people who I don’t understand or who have hurt me. Today reminded me of all the good that God created me with. I want to pass the goodness and love around, like he intended for me to do.

To wrap up, it was one great morning!

Here’s to rising and shining and giving it all to God!:)


The End of the Year is Drawing Near


Family Photo’s Are In

I got my pictures back from our family photo session a few weeks ago and all I could think was “wow, these are my people”. The end of the year is drawing near and I have so many reasons to be satisfied but in these photo’s are my top 4 reasons hands down! With the hustle and bustle of the last few months, okay lets face it, the entire year… it’s so easy to take for granted those around you. Those closest to you. The ones that make your heart go pitter patter on the double.

These are mine…

My husband, my two lovely toddlers who make my head spin and my heart pump with happiness and my newest little one who looks at us with an explosive smile almost always. These are my reasons to close out 2015 with a satisfying smile and look forward to a new year full of the unknown. These are my people and I couldn’t have picked out better ones to walk into the new year with.

Here’s to a lovely year gone by and a lovely year to come!

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words


In photography there is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality. -Alfred Stieglitz

This photo is a back of the camera peek after our latest family photo session over the weekend. I am lucky enough to have an amazing photographer who also happens to be my lovely sister. So I get little peeks before the fact.

This photo pretty much sums up each one of my children.

From left to right

My oldest who is laying down has pretty much given up at this point. He’s my laid back one. He strolls wherever he goes.

My youngest who is my attention seeker! He loves to be looked at and is the happiest little lad.

And then my little girl, my middle child. She’s usually in her own world, distracted easily. SQUIRREL. She’s also my little spaz.

This picture is going over the mantel!:)