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My Journey Back

Proverbs 1- Wisdom calls aloud in the street, she raises her voice in the public square, at the head of the noisy street she cries out. How long will you simple ones love your simple ways?

I’ve been drowning in a bittersweet pool of daily chores, school work, teaching, mothering, wifing and all around trying to be a put together human being. I’ve been so busy keeping all of my blessings in check that I have forgotten to remember who gave them to me in the first place. I have forgotten to give credit where credit is due. I’ve blamed my lack of sleep on the children, who for the most part sleep through the night, sometimes in our bed but they still get a solid nights sleep these days. I blame my lack of quiet time in the Bible and a real relationship with God on everything from my checklist when really my checklist is, well let’s face it….. Crap!

I believe that being in the Bible daily and having a moment (and sometimes that’s really all it will end up being, just one moment) with God will change the course of my day. I believe this because I’ve lived it. Before I let this world get ahold of me, before my list of priorities became somewhat skewed, I’ve felt that change, that strength, that patience, that love, all those things that can only come from a growing relationship with God course through me when I needed it most. (Usually around 2:00 everyday) But for the last several months I’ve been more irritable, I’ve been biting my tongue a lot more when my son isn’t figuring something out as quickly as I think he should throughout our school day. When in all reality I want to be able to possess the grace and the compassion and the patience that I try to instill in my children everyday. How can I do that when I am lacking those qualities myself?

I’ve known I’ve needed a change and I’ve known how to fix it for awhile now but still my priorities weren’t quite cutting it. I wasn’t making the changes that I needed to. I just kept my worries and yearning for something more bottled up inside of me. Do you believe that God puts people in your life at just the right time? I definitely do. I’m sure it’s happened a lot more than I’ve actually noticed but this time around I definitely did. I’m 31 and I have a new friend. A person who I’ve gotten close to just within the last few months and we have both realized how much alike we actually are… but I think she is much lovelier. She is so kind and considerate and thoughtful. Well a few nights ago she invited me on a trip with her to Hy-vee to pick up some groceries she’d ordered online. Haha she admits that it was kind of an odd invite but I said “sure, I needed to pick up coffee.” So away we went, on a Friday night I believe. What else are two moms to do on a weekend? Anyways, she got to talking and then I got to talking and I finally worked up the nerve to ask her what kind of devotion or study she uses to motivate herself to get up at 6 am every morning and spend time with God. I wanted that so much but honestly I’ve never been all that open when it comes to sharing my spiritual needs with someone else. Well, she made some suggestions and by the end of that trip to Hy-vee I had a new skip in my step. I felt lighter within my soul. I’m not sure how to explain it but I knew that confiding in someone else who has this beautiful heart for God and letting them in, helped me. I knew that I would wake up the next morning (I’m still working on getting up at 6am) at least a little earlier than usual and open my Bible, open my notebook and just spend a little time with God.

And I did.

Starting in Proverbs, with a chapter a day. So far I haven’t had to search very hard to feel lead to write down parts of the chapter that moved me. That have inspired me. (There have been so many.) I felt like the first chapter of Proverbs was fitting to get me started on my journey back to God. To building on a relationship that I’ve let slip through my finger tips. I’ve found that searching for wisdom and guidance and love is only possible through his word, it’s only possible when there is a relationship there. An ever growing relationship that is so much more important than my timeline, my comfort, and my sleep schedule.


That thing called Relationship

I had a lot of goals for 2014. A lot! My first priority/goal was to have a closer relationship with God. With this being my #1 goal for 2014 it’s only natural that this is the last thing I’ve started working on this year, isn’t that unfortunate. While very unfortunate and sad it actually gave me inspiration for this post and inspiration to start with a bang! Here we go….

I believe that a relationship with God is something that takes work,  sometimes there are days when I have no desire to open my bible or I think I’m too busy for prayer. I find that on these particular days (there’s been a lot lately) it takes hard work and determination to make the time and find the desire. I’ve also discovered that when I make the time and muster up some desire, my days are filled with a little more joy. On those days when I barely have the time to peek into my bible but do anyways I’m more likely to be reminded of all the blessings God has bestowed upon my family. Just the fact that I’m able to read the bible and serve God should be more than enough everyday! After days like that, when God strikes me with such awe and love and joy how can I go another day without the desire to dip into his word and praise him? And yet those days come. I really struggled with this last year and I’m hoping to make some major spiritual changes everyday, not just this year but indefinitely.

I believe surrounding yourself with the word and other believers more than just once a week gives you inspiration and perhaps more desire to grow closer to God.  This season in our small group we are doing a study by Andy Stanley called “Christian, It’s Not What You Think” Our first meeting was about being disciples, rather than “christians” of God and showing love to everyone and through that love others will know that you are a disciple of God. I’m also continuing in a women’s bible study with our church. Beth Moore’s study  “David, Seeking a Heart like His”. While I’m excited about both studies and look forward to learning and growing from them, there’s something that matter’s more… I know that even if I go to a bible study every day of the week and a good church and I have all these great godly friends that I get to hangout with but don’t have a relationship with God then I have nothing.  I’ve missed out on what it’s all about. Everyday we talk to God, everyday that we praise him and spread his word and die for him is another victory in furthering his kingdom and knowing that gets me really excited!

“Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and eat with him, and he with me.” Revelations 3:20