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Gardening with Littles

Blog Post

Anybody else excited about getting their gardening on?!? Last year was our first year of gardening as a family and my kids really loved the idea of it but didn’t get involved like I had hoped… mainly my fault.

So this year we are making a huge effort to get excited about growing our own food. I purchased some summer gardening tools and gloves for the kids at Hobby Lobby(half off of course;)) a few weeks ago and started getting our garden ready not too long ago. So far my kids are digging it! (Get it… digging it!) Anyways I’ve been trying to think of other ways to get them excited about spring/gardening and I came across this garden yoga poses for kids. How fun is this!

Then I started to look for books that might pique their interest as well and I came across several from¬†Usborne Books¬†… haha isn’t that lucky! Here are some titles below that I think look super fun, educational and might really help my kiddos get interested!

With the adorable and fun yoga poses, the new child size gardening tools and these awesome books, I think we will be gardening like maniacs by April.

Here’s to happy gardening!






7 Months to Pre-Baby Body – Round 1


I gave myself ten months after I had my LAST baby to get back in shape and actually have the healthy body inside and out that I did before the babies started being made. At first it seemed like way too long but I didn’t want to rush it or get discouraged, I wanted to embrace every moment with my last newborn and not worry about the number on the scale or the extra so and so escaping from the top of my jeans. I wasn’t planning on blogging about this but have decided this is a good way to hold me accountable! So my numbers…

I went into the hospital weighing 202 pounds on the day he was born which means I gained a whopping 52 pounds during this last pregnancy and along with about 8-10 pounds I was still holding onto with my daughter that put me up to about 62 pounds from my marriage weight. Say what? By the time I got home from the hospital 2 days later I was down to 190 which I thought was kind of measly due to the fact that I’d just birthed a baby and everything that comes with it so I was hoping for at least 15 pounds but I can’t be too stingy I suppose! Now my littlest one is 3 months old and I’m down to 167 which is a total of 35 pounds in three-month which is pretty good. I didn’t starve myself for one day which is more than I can say for my post pregnancies with my first two…

I only cared about the scale back then, what a sad life I led. Luckily now that I’ve hit thirty I realize “Hey, I don’t need to be a rail I just want to be healthy and buckle my jeans without crying!” So here I am. 140-145 is calling my name. I’m 5’9 so I have no desire to go below that number, I like food way to much so if numbers don’t lie then I’ve got approx 20-25 to go and 7 months to do it in! While that sounds like plenty of time considering I lost 35 in 3 months I totally know how hard those last 10-20 are to lose which is why I’ve devised a plan…

My notebook paper monthly schedule, here is a pic for your own special viewing.


If you can’t tell I’ve accumulated several workout videos in my day, from my 1st Billy Blanks dvd’s all the way to my most recent 21 Day fix program. If you see by my horribly scribbled out schedule I am pretty much doing those and everything in between for the month of September. I’m also cutting out sweets, I’m NOT cutting carbs…. only SUGARY SWEETS! Every month, for the next 7 months, I will make my workout schedule a little more intense and make my way towards more clean eating!

So that’s it in a nutshell! Super excited to keep up with my monthly progress on here. With homeschooling and babies and toddlers I think I’ve got my work cut out for me but I know that my trusty 1 or 2 readers will hold me accountable!:)

Here’s to getting healthy at home!:)