5 Months to Pre baby Body Round 2 – Temptations


I’m on a mission to get down to my pre-baby weight. I gave myself 10 months after our littlest came along and uh oh…. I’m halfway through, only 5 more months to go. You can read my first official post on the subject here. Just a bit of a recap if you aren’t invested enough in my life to go back two months ago to find out more here is where I was standing.

Birthing day before actual birth – 202lbs (sad face inserted here, but two pounds less than when I had my daughter so happy face inserted here.) I gained 52 pounds with this third pregnancy and along with the 8-10 lbs I was still carrying from my 2 other lovely children, that put me about 62 pounds up from my young a lovely marriage weight.

2 Days later at home from hospital – 190 lbs (a bit measly if you ask me)

3 months later and 1st post – 167lbs (which is a total of 35lbs lost, but that’s including baby and all so kinda doesn’t count)

Okay so that was where I was 2 months ago. This post is a week late in getting written but I promise I did weigh myself on November 1st in preparation for this very day. The last 2 months have not went exactly as planned. I have been beyond tempted and sometimes I totally succumbed to my tempter and sometimes I didn’t. The picture above is actually a box of donuts that I didn’t partake in but I did feed to my kids. My husband plays cruel jokes on me by spontaneously leaving surprise donuts on the table early in the morning before he leaves for work. I think this is because I took his fast food away but I can’t be sure. Anyways these little surprise donuts are the very worst. Sometimes I will eat one or two or ya know, who’s counting. But this picture is of a box that I did not touch. I can honestly say that with a growling belly. So with all the temptations out there and not following my original plan. (pic posted below) I actually succeeded in losing some weight. My original plan was to go through all my workout videos and do them like a crazy person. I have the notebook paper to prove it….


I had planned every month like this and with every month it only intensified but I barely did any of it. Not that I haven’t worked out but I found me some Jazzercise and it changed everything. I’m sure I would have still lost weight using my notebook paper, maybe even more than I have with Jazzercise but I’m not one for rushing through in an unhealthy way.

The results are in…

5 months down, 5 to go – 157lbs

I’ve lost 10 pounds since September 1st. Averaging 5 lbs a month and the occasional donut, I will totally accept that weight loss. I have about 10-15 lbs to go and I know that those last lbs are the hardest to lose so I may have to actually say no more than yes when it comes to those “gifts” hubby leaves for me on the table. I didn’t totally suck up on the nutrition part though. I substituted a ton of vegetables in for rice and pasta and potatoes. I also counted calories using My Fitness Pal.

Next Monthly Goal – To lose anywhere from 3-4 lbs a month for the rest of the year. Only 2 months left but those are the heavy eating months…. can I hear an AMEN! So if I could lose another 6 lbs by the end of 2015 I will be one happy camper.

Just to let you take a peek into my Jazzercise life, here is a picture from our Oct 31st class. I’m in the Minnie Mouse ears on the right. Get out your glasses.


Here’s to another 2 months of healthy weight loss goals! Feel free to share some of the healthy goals and changes that you’ve made!


4 thoughts on “5 Months to Pre baby Body Round 2 – Temptations”

  1. Looks like you’re doing great 🙂 I ballooned after I had my baby and I didn’t even really notice it. What helped me loose was to drastically reduce carbs and sweets. I say reduce, not eliminate, because it’s kinder on yourself to focus on progression, not perfection. Good luck! You’ve got this 🙂

  2. Woah…we have a lot in common! Check me out at H20walkerlife.wordpress.com
    (The struggle is real)
    I’m still trying to lose those last few pounds too! Stay focused! We got this!

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